Vikendove Pobyty is the number one tour company in the Czech Republic. We are able to help you find hotels in the Czech Republic, book excursions for you and recommend restaurants and bars. Our team of 10 representatives speak 18 languages between them, so even if you do not speak English or Czech we will be able to help you.

The Czech Republic is a vast, diverse and deeply historical country and we promise to tailor experiences to your needs that will give you tremendous memories, a great view of the country and an authentic journey. We want to help you discover the best of what The Czech Republic has to offer. The most popular times to visit The Czech Republic is during spring / summer (March – August) and early Autumn (September – October). The huge Christmas markets that spring up though in most major cities are a great draw too.

We are a tour company with a difference because we promise to offer you a highly personalised service that is tailored to your wants and needs and can even create itinerates for you. If you want a personalised itinerary or just want some recommendations, all you need to do is email us telling us a bit about yourself, who is in your party, what kind of holiday you are looking to have and what sort of things you like doing or places you like going to. The more information you can send us the better, the best places we are to give you recommendations. If you would prefer to speak to a representative then you are more than welcome to call instead of email. This could be especially useful if you are unsure of what kind of information to provide because our specialists can ask you a series of questions to gather the information that they need.

We mainly operate in Prague (the capital city), but we are able to book tours activities, hotel and restaurants all over the country for you. We can arrange relaxation visits such as outings to a spa, a natural bath or a massage. We are able to arrange a series of walks or historical visits and we are also able to book you in for adventure days which include going in cable cars, doing segway tours, adventure hikes or activity centres. You will be able to find out more about these things on our Tours and Prices page.

We have so far had the pleasure of helping customers all round the world have the best time possible in The Czech Republic. Last month we helped organise activities for a members of a wedding party who had come over to celebrate an Indian wedding ceremony. We see our range of customers as our greatest asset!