Tours and Prices

We are able to arrange on outing for you on The Ještěd cable car which is an aerial cable car that takes you up and down the awe-inspiring Ještěd Mountain above Liberec. The view from there is absolutely spectacular as it gives you a panoramic view of the Czech hills and lakes. The cable car is operated by Czech Railways and we are able to arrange transport for you as well as the cable car experience itself. It is possible to hike down the mountain yourself via the snake path which is a wonderful experience as long as you do not have a fear of heights. We are able to get a guide who can aid you in your decent down the mountain.

This will cost 685.74 CZK for an adult and 342.87 CZK for a child (under 16) or for a family ticket 1500 CZK (2 adults and 2 children).

Situated in the centre of Prague is a very unique experience - Pivní Lázně Beer Spa – you may have read that and thought maybe the spa was once a brewery, hence the name. Not quite! This experience is definitely for beer lovers and the more adventurous who are up for trying new things. This is a bar with a difference, where you bathe in handmade Royal Oak tubs which are essentially big beer barrels that filled not with water but with the sweet nectar itself! And if that isn’t enough beer for you then you can also help yourself to an unlimited supply of Krušovice beer from the beer taps next to each tub. Bottoms up!

The spa experience for two costs 1740.07 CZK for two hours. You must be over 21 to go to the spa.

Among our guided historical tours is a trip round Vyšehrad which is a historical fort located in the city of Prague. It was built in the 10th Century and stands atop a hill situated over the Vltava. So not only is the fort incredible interesting and historic, but you are also surrounded by beautiful scenery. Being up that high, our tour guides will also tell you all about the landscape and can take you on a great walk afterwards around the hills and lakes.

A guided tour around the fort will cost 548 CZK for adults and 300 CZK for children.

If you come at Prague, you should to visit the Prague’s Castle.

The visit cost 1764,7428 CZK for 4 people.

This castle is an important monument of Czech Republic, the crown jewels of Bohemia are preserved there.

He was defined as the biggest old castle of monde1 it indeed extends over 570 meters long and 130 wide, by Guinness book of records.

Placed on the hill of Hradcany and dominating the Old town of Prague and Malá Strana, this monumental ensemble emerges from a crown of gardens and roofs and spreads its long horizontal facade where from spring the towers of the cathedral Saint Guy and from the basilica Saint-Georges.

The guided visit will cost you 500 CZK more than the unguided tour, but the extra information you’ll receive makes it more than worth it.